Book Review: The Butcher’s Daughter by Victoria Glendinning

The Butcher’s Daughter is the story of a young woman who joins a convent only to be witness to the dissolution of the monasteries during the reign of Henry VIII.

Agnes joins the convent after the birth of her child who is subsequently taken away from her.

She discovers she enjoys convent life but what behinds her afterwards?

Agnes is a fictional character but other real persons are referenced throughout such as Cromwell and Wyatt.

The story covers the experience of those directly affected by the dissolution of the monasteries and what became of them when their homes and lives were destroyed. Not all survived and others suffered more than others.

There are lovable characters in the story who I felt for but Agnes wasn’t really one of them I found her a bit wooden.

Overall I enjoyed the story and it gave me insight tho those affected during those times.


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