Book Review:The Twice-Hanged Man (Medieval Mysteries)by Priscilla Royal



It is 1282 and Prioress Eleanor is tending to the pregnant wife of her brother, Robert, on the border of Wales and England. Sister Anne known for her healing and Brother Robert accompany them. Eleanor is asked by the Abbot to assist in discovering the truth of a mystery involving who he believed is a ghost haunting the village. The ghost is believed to have murdered  a priest and is also believed to be the ghost of a man who was hanged twice!

Priscilla Royal has loosely based this on the history of a man who survived being hung twice and gives insight in to the era of war between England and Wales.

I am now aware this is part of a series but I have not read any of the others yet. There did seem to be history between the relationships of some characters which I assume are known from previous titles which hasencouraged me to add the series to my ‘to read’ list.

The story is full of twists and mystery which will keep you turning the pages til the end. Although it is loosely based on fact the timelines are off to provide a more entertaining read which Priscilla explains in the authors note at the end.

Overall I enjoyed the book and would recommend to those with an interest in medieval history.


Rating 3/5

This copy was provided by NetGalley

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