As you can see from my other pages I love history. This page contains links to some of my favourite historical sites and authors websites/blogs. This page will be updated as I come across new sites/authors so please check back if you’re looking for new content.

Authors & Historians

Janet Wertman
Janet is the author of the Seymour Saga and currently writing her next trilogy, which I cannot wait for! Janet has a fantastic blog with regular Tudor posts.

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Sharon Bennett Connolly
Sharon is a historian of medieval and women’s history. Sharon has a great blog and regularly posts on social media.

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Sarah J Hodder
Sarah is the author of:
The Queen’s Sister’s
The York Princesses
Cecily Bonville-Grey
The Woodville Women
You can find reviews of most of these on my Book Reviews page and a Guest Post with Sarah too! Sarah has some exciting books coming up in the future.
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Sarah-Beth Watkins
Sarah-Beth is the author of numerous books including The Tudor Brandon’s and Anne of Cleves. She is also Commissioning Editor at Pen and Sword Books.


Tony Riches
Tony is a historical fiction author and has a number of series covering the Tudors and Elizabethan era.

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Tracey Borman
Tracey is a historian and author and I’m sure we have all seen on our TV!

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MJ Porter
MJ is a historical fiction author who amazes me. I’ve never known anyone write as much as MJ which is brilliant if you’re eagerly awaiting the next book in the series.
MJ has a few series my favourite being Coelwulf’s series!

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Anne O’Brien
Anne is a historical fiction author focusing on medieval women. Anne’s books are some of my favourites and I always look forward to seeing what Anne is working on.

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Helen Carr
Helen is a historian, author and podcaster. She is the author of the incredible The Red Prince and What is History? Now?

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Nathen Amin
Nathen is an excellent author focusing on the earlier Tudors including his amazing The House of Beaufort


Dan Jones
Need I say more?


Caroline Angus
Caroline is a historian and author and a fellow Cromwellian. Her latest book The Private Life of Thomas Cromwell is brilliant


Nicola Tallis
Nicola is a author and historian. The first book I read of Nicola’s was Uncrowned Queen and I’ve been a fan ever since.
Nicola also has a podcast

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Suzannah Lipscomb
Suzannah is a historian, author and podcaster as well as appearing on TV. The podcast Not Just the Tudors has provided me with many hours of entertainment.

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Linda Porter
Linda is a historian, author and consultant for TV shows such as The Boleyns.


Elizabeth Norton
Historian, archaeologist, author and TV consultant.


Amy Licence
Amy writes both fiction and non fiction and has appeared on various radio and TV shows

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Wendy J Dunn
Author of Anne Boleyn and Katherine of Aragon novels.

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Favourite Podcasts

I use Podbean to listen to Podcasts but I’m sure you can find all of these on your preferred hosting source.

All Things Tudor

Gone Medieval

Not Just the Tudors

Tudor History with Claire Ridgway

Tudor Dynasty

Talking Tudors