Book Review: Light in the Shadows A Novel by Linda Lafferty; Andy Stone

Genre: Historical fiction/mystery


The discovery of a lost Caravaggio painting stirs up a storm in modern day with some historical intrigue thrown in.

A priest discovers a painting he believes to be a Caravaggio. Before he can have it authenticated he is murdered.

His niece and an American professor are kidnapped, rescued and determined to discover where the painting went and why people are willing to kill for it. Will his niece discover the truth about their relationship? Why was she shipped off to America as a child? And who really is her bestfriend?

Back in 1600s Caravaggio is delighting and infuriating Rome with his paintings. A genius, who doesn’t always paint what’s requested as they’d like it.

Caravaggio has a temper and makes enemies including nobility and a Knight of Malta. Will these enemies be his undoing? What really happened to him when he disappeared from history?

I loved this book, it was fast paced, entertaining and insightful! I had no idea who Caravaggio was before I read this and since reading I’ve got an urge to view his paintings and learn more about his life.

This was a review copy provided by NetGalley but my opinion is my own.

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