Book Review: The Outrageous Fortune of Abel Morgan by Cynthia Jefferies

Genre: Historical fiction

This isn’t my usual genre but reading the description I had to give it a go.

1660 in England and Sir Christopher Morgan has survived war, married and had a child. Unfortunately his wife dies in childbirth and Christopher can’t bear the guilt whenever he looks at his son Abel. Christopher purchases an inn to get away from court life and begins to bond with his son until the day Abel is snatched by smugglers and sold to pirates.

Christopher spends the next few years searching for his son whilst we also hear the story from Abel’s view. Abel spends many years on pirate ships eventually learning to become a surgeon and receives a large inheritance from the man who taught him his trade aboard ship. Eventually believing Abel dead, Christopher goes back to the inn and becomes an avid gardener known for his roses. Abel ends up living in Jamaica before disaster finally sends him back to England. Will father and son be reunited?

This was a fun alternative to my usual history genre, I found the pirates to be a refreshing change! The writing keeps a steady pace and really makes you feel for the characters.

I do wish there’d been more description of the clothes, other characters so I could visualise them. I’d be interested to see if any other books come from this like a book for Turlough a young boy adopted by Christopher, his story would be really interesting!

Rating: 3/5

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