Book Review: A Tapestry of Treason by Anne O’Brien

It begins in 1399 and Constance of York, Lady Despenser a favourite at the court of Richard II becomes embroiled in a plot to overthrow Henry IV when he takes the throne from Richard.

The plot is discovered and her husband Thomas is executed. Constance has been betrayed but not for the last time.

Constance faces another plot and is again betrayed before being imprisoned. On her release she discovers a final betrayal which makes her turn away from life at court and men.

This story is brilliant! A character who I at first found arrogant I came to admire. She faces betrayal from those closest to her and heartbreak. I was unaware of the history of Constance so this was eye opening. O’Brien succeeds in putting you in to the heart of the life of Constance.

I also enjoyed the additional information at the end of what happened to each character.

I’d recommend this to anyone with an interest in the Plantagenets or just general history fans like myself!

Rating: 4/5

*this was a review copy provided by NetGalley but my opinion is my own.

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