Book Review: The Elizabeth Tudor Conspiracy The Marquess House Trilogy #2 by Alexandra Walsh

Elizabeth I and her closest circle of friends keep a big secret. Elizabeth is not the last Tudor heir.

Catherine Howard delivered twins fathered by Henry VIII which were hidden away from the world. Can present day Perdita and her twin Piper figure out what happened to the twins? Who were the Tudor heirs and how will this discovery change history?

The story switches between the Tudor period and present day as Perdita and friends work to discover the Elizabeth conspiracy. Their lives are in danger as they work to uncover the secrets hidden for hundreds of years.

Without giving anything away I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy this but I loved it! I haven’t read the first instalment but will be reading it now and look forward to the third instalment! It’s a good twist on the Tudor history.

I received this as a free review copy from NetGalley but my opinions are my own.


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