Book Review- The Beaufort Woman by Judith Arnopp

The Beaufort Woman continues from the first book The Beaufort Bride. Margaret is married to Henry Stafford and Edward of March is on the throne. The war of the roses continues and Margaret struggles with her loyalties.

When Edward IV is successful and his enemies dead Maragret is desperate to be invited to court to get close to the queen and attempt to bring Henry Tudor home from exile in Brittany. Margaret becomes a close friend to Elizabeth Woodville and is promised her son can return. Before he can return Edward dies and the court is turned upside down. Edwards youngest brother Richard is protector for the young Edward but will he be crowned?

The story continues with Richard usurping the crown and a round of plots against him resulting in Henry Tudor finally landing on British soil to fight for the throne. Margaret under house arrest anxiously awaits news only to find herself Mother of the King.

This book was such a good read! I was reading every chance I got. Judith Arnopp successfully portrays the characters and the court. As it’s the second book I’ve become attached to some of the characters. I’m not a fan of Margaret Beaufort I find her meddling does more harm than good but I admire her! The book also touches on the disappearance of the princes in the tower. Oh how I wish that mystery could be answered!

I now look forward to reading the final instalment!

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