Book Review: The Reign of Queen Victoria by Hector Bolitho

This book is fascinating! Hector Bolitho has referenced this with such detail using letters and records from various sources including Victoria’s letters and the archives at Windsor.

Such an insight in to the reign of Queen Victoria and Prince Consort Albert.

The book follows her life from a child, her accession to the throne, her marriage, birth of all of her children, the unfortunate death of Albert and how she continued as a monarch following this right up until her death at age 81.

The reader gains insight in to how Victoria felt about her Government and her dedication to her country through constant work. It’s also very interesting to learn her thoughts about her children and grandchildren provided in her own words from the sources provided.

Every quote throughout the book is referenced and now I want to read all the correspondence myself!

I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys history and even those who like the tv show Victoria!

I hope to read Albert: Prince Consort by Hector Bolitho very soon!

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