Book Review- The Beaufort Bride: The Life of Margaret Beaufort (The Beaufort Chronicles Book 1) by Judith Arnopp

Most people have an idea of who Henry VII was and that he was the first Tudor monarch and founded the Tudor dynasty. Lady Margaret Beaufort was Henry Tudors mother.

This book delves in to the life of Margaret Beaufort.

This installment begins in 1449 with Margaret as a 7 year old girl at Bletsoe. The young Margaret learns her father the Duke of Somerset had been deemed a traitor before he killed himself. Margaret is made a ward of the Duke of Suffolk leaving her hand in marriage to be a choice determined by him.

The Duke of Suffolk has chosen his son John de la Pole to be her husband and they are married.

Before Margaret is old enough for the marriage to be consummated it is annulled and Margaret finds herself as a bargaining chip on the marriage market.

The book follows her second marriage to Edmund Tudor, Earl of Richmond, her move to Wales and the birth of her son. Margaret suffers some horrific periods of her life during this time including the death of Edmund Tudor.

The first instalment in this trilogy ends with Margaret meeting Sir Henry (Harry) Stafford. Will she marry him? Where will her loyalties lie in the battles between York and Lancaster? As a Lancaster will Margaret accept a Yorkist King to protect herself and her son?

Judith Arnopp gives insight in to a truly fascinating time period. The descriptions of the people are so good you can see them in your mind. She paints a vivid picture of the trauma and effects of the war of the roses.

I really enjoyed this book and am already on to the next instalment!

To purchase:

The Beaufort Bride
It’s also currently available on Kindle unlimited!


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