Publication Day – Sarah J. Hodder

In March 2020 I was lucky to be given the opportunity to read The Queen’s Sister’s by a new author Sarah J. Hodder. The Queen’s Sister’s looked at the lives of Elizabeth Woodville’ sisters.

I really enjoyed the book and was thrilled to discover Sarah was writing another book The York Princesses based on the daughters of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville.

The York Princesses publishes today! It certainly doesn’t seem that long ago since I was lucky enough to read an advanced copy but publication day is here! If you are interested in the Plantagenet/Tudors I’d certainly give this a read. You can read my review by clicking on the links above.

Sarah kindly agreed to join me on the blog for a Guest Post where we discussed both books and what Sarah was working on at the time which I can now say is a biography of Cecily Bonville-Grey which will be published 25 February 2022.

I am looking forward to reading about Cecily and would like to wish Sarah a very happy publication day for The York Princesses. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed both books published so far and look forward to more of Sarah’s work in the future.

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