Book Review: The Lady Anne (Above all Others; The Lady Anne Book 2) by G Lawrence

Genre: Historical fiction

Publisher: Independently published

Pub date: 18 September 2016

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Description from Amazon:

1522, England.

Anne Boleyn has lived an adventurous youth in the glittering courts of Europe, now, promised in marriage to a man she knows nothing of, Anne has been called home by her ambitious father. She will enter the English Court, to find many admirers courting her. Anne finds potential for love in three men, but there is one… more unexpected than all the others, who claims her heart.

The beginning of a love which would change the course of English history, and shake the foundations of the Church…

The courtier’s daughter who captured the heart of a King; Anne Boleyn.

The second book in the series covers the years between the return journey to Hever from France in 1522 to 1527. Following her return from France and spending the winter at Hever, Anne makes her way to Greenwich to begin her life at the English court.

Anne has become an accomplished lady and stands out at court due her French clothing and manners. Lawrence brings to life Anne’s introduction to the English court including many individuals she meets along the way. I immensely enjoyed reading about her relationships with Thomas Wyatt, Henry Percy and Henry VIII.

The book takes us through the period when Mary Boleyn was mistress to the king and I loved how Mary’s character was developed and reading about Anne’s relationship with her siblings. Lawrence paints such a vivid picture of the court including the games of courtly love.

I really loved this book, it was nice to read about Anne and her life before she became Queen. The book is filled with the game of courtly love which I thoroughly enjoyed. The writing style is easily read and flows eloquently.

The darkness folds in around me. On my the light of a small candle is left to be now,

Once again Lawrence has succeeded in bringing the past to life and giving us access to those of the Tudor court. I can’t wait to start on the third instalment!

The Lady Anne is available here:

Amazon UK

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