Book Review: Katherine – Tudor Duchess by Tony Riches

Genre: Historical fiction

Publisher: Preseli Press

Pub date: 1 October 2019

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

As the year draws to a close I thought this was the perfect time to finish the Brandon trilogy. The third and final instalment of the Brandon trilogy focuses on Katherine Willoughby who is the daughter of Maria de Salinas, Baroness Willoughby following her marriage. Her mother is the long standing devoted lady and friend of Queen Catherine of Aragon.

When her father dies Katherine is made a ward of Charles Brandon and although at first she doesn’t want to leave her home at Parham she finds her new home at Westhorpe to be wonderful. Lady Mary welcomes her as a daughter and she finds friends in her daughters.

When disaster strikes leaving Charles Brandon a widow Katherine has no idea what will become of her. Along with becoming a duchess, Katherine is befriended by Catherine Parr and finds in her an ally for religious reformation but they have enemies at court. Luckily for Katherine, Henry VIII likes her.

Katherine’s life has it’s fair share of heartbreak and happiness and Tony Riches writes an excellent version of her story.

For me this was probably the best one from the trilogy as it covers the longest time period, including the deaths of both Mary and Charles and I found it gave more of an impression of what Brandon was like as a person and how seriously he took his duties. This book covers all six of Henry’s wives plus events following his death, the reign of his son Edward, Katherine’s exile when Mary reigns up until Elizabeth is proclaimed Queen.

I actually didn’t know too much about Katherine before reading this other than she was married to Charles Brandon. Katherine really did lead a very exciting life and Tony Riches has brought her story to life with vivid descriptions of gowns, properties and even the weather!

Overall this trilogy provides a striking story of life during the Tudor period for those at court. The lives they led could be something from a fiction novel or a movie, it’s hard to believe they faced so much drama but I guess that’s why I love to read about this era. Tony Riches drew me in with his excellently descriptive work and evokes emotions, yes I may have shed a tear or two but that’s the sign of a great book when it can make you feel for the the characters. I honestly couldn’t put this down and couldn’t wait to read more.

I’m very excited to read in the authors note that there will be more books by Tony Riches following the Elizabethan reign, I can’t wait! For now tho I will be rereading the Tudor trilogy. Unfortunately now the holidays are over it may take me a little longer to read them all!

Katherine – Tudor Duchess is available here:


As previously mentioned all three are currently available on Kindle unlimited.


    • Oh that looks like a very interesting tomb, I will have to add both places to my list of places I want to visit! It seems to be an ever-growing list!
      Thank you for responding, I’ve very much enjoyed your books and will add my reviews for the Tudor trilogy as I reread them.
      Exciting news about the new book! I look forward to reading it! Wishing you a very happy 2020!


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