Book Review: Brandon – Tudor Knight by Tony Riches

Genre: Historical fiction

Publisher: Preseli Press

Pub date: 3 December 2018

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Charles Brandon became the 1st Duke of Suffolk and has long been one of those people I find fascinating so I was really looking forward to this as the second instalment in the Brandon trilogy.

The book follows Brandon’s life from a young 21 year old who serves tables at the court of Henry VII to becoming one of the highest ranking nobles in England. Brandon’s father was standard bearer for Henry Tudor and lost his life at the Battle of Bosworth. He was taken in by his uncle and became friends with Prince Henry.

With no title he didn’t have an easy life and worked hard to make a name for himself through jousting, leading an army and of course his marriage to Mary Tudor. Brandon was sent to France to escort Mary back to England and risked his life by marrying her in secret. They both hoped Henry VIII would forgive them, which although he did the couple faced financial hardship for their actions.

I loved reading about his life and the challenges Brandon faced both from the rest of the nobility and his loyalty to his king and friend Henry VIII.

Loyaulte Me Oblige

Loyalty binds me was Brandon’s motto and after reading this it’s clear he was certainly loyal, working for his king until his death.

Having recently read the first instalment I wasn’t disappointed. Yes, there are some bits that match the first book but it’s expected when the two are from a married couple experiencing the same things. Once again I was enthralled by the details of clothing, atmosphere even sounds described. You can almost hear the sounds of the tiltyard it’s described so incredibly well. Tony Riches has again brought the Tudor court to life.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable read, shining light on the man who although he disobeyed orders and failed in military expeditions never found himself seriously out of favour with Henry VIII.

I will of course next be reading the final instalment Katherine: Tudor Duchess although I’m a little sad the trilogy is coming to an end!

Although I’ve been reading the kindle editions Tony had kindly previously sent me some bookmarks so I’m also tempted to buy the paperback copies and have matching books and bookmarks!

You can get your copy here:


If you’d like to know more about Tony Riches you can find him:




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