Book release: The Anne Boleyn Collection III by Claire Ridgway

I’m pretty excited that this was released yesterday! I don’t have my copy yet as I pre-ordered the paperback version which should hopefully be with me on Monday. Some books I just prefer to have a hard copy! The Anne Boleyn Collection III is a collection of articles from the Anne Boleyn files rather than a biography.

Huge congratulations to Claire Ridgway on reaching the milestone of ten years of producing the Anne Boleyn files!

If you haven’t already checked out the blog then please do it’s amazing! In celebration of this achievement Claire is offering a fantastic deal!

For every copy of The Anne Boleyn Collection III that is ordered before midnight 30 November 2019 through Amazon you will also receive the following:

The Life of Anne Boleyn” online course (18 video/audio lessons, worth $75) which includes the audio book version of best-selling The Fall of Anne Boleyn: A Countdown

Two digital magazines: The Boleyns Tudor Life edition from May 2019 and Anne Boleyn Tudor Life edition from May 2015.

Once you have ordered and have confirmation head over to

The Anne Boleyn files and enter your order number and details on the website.

I’ve wanted to do this course for a while so I am so excited to now be able to do it for free!

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