Book Review: Blood’s Campaign by Angus Donald

Genre: Historical fiction

Publisher: Bonnier Books UK

Pub date: 28 November 2019

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟

Set during the 1600’s in Ireland during the war between William of Orange and James, Captain Blood an exceptional gunner finds himself faced with his own personal war. He receives intelligence that French agent Henri D’Erloncourt, Blood’s enemy is with the force of James. Henri and Blood have past scores to settle.

Michael ‘Galloping’ Hogan a brigand also finds himself embroiled in the war and becomes an agent of Henri with the underlying purpose of helping Henri defeat Blood.

Blood is also faced with the problem that they have a spy in their midst who passes intelligence to Henri and in the process leads to the death of hundreds of their own.

Who will come out of this alive? And who will be the victor?

This was quite an entertaining read. I enjoyed how Blood’s character developed but also have to say how well written the character of Henri was. I hated him from the start!

The book contains a mix of emotions, there’s sadness, relief and the occasional whoop of success.

I have given it 3 stars as although I enjoyed it I found some of the chapters I wanted to skip through. It can be very detailed when discussing the guns which I imagine is great if that’s your thing but sadly I have little interest in cannons etc.

That being said I would be interested in reading more about Blood’s adventures.

Thank you to NetGalley and Bonnier Books UK for the opportunity to read this in exchange for my review.

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