Book review

Thorns in a Realm of Roses by Thomas Crockett.

Another Tudor era book!

Thorns in a Realm of Roses by Thomas Crockett covers the time period beginning whilst married to Katherine Howard to his death. Throughout the book we go back further through the memories of not only Henry but others in his family, Mary, his wives and friends.

The book gives viewpoints from these characters but is mostly told from Henry’s point of view and the thoughts and conversations inject some humour in to the history of this King.

The book takes us through Henry’s desperation for a son, his loneliness and his thoughts on how different his children are especially the daughters that constantly remind him of their mothers.
It also focuses on his son, the future heir, his worries for him, his health and Henry’s arrangement of his council to advise him upon the death of Henry and who he wishes to be part of that council.

The reader is given Henry’s view on religion, diplomacy and each of his wives and how he felt about them and how they haunt him as he ages. It seems he regrets some actions but not all. I won’t say which to avoid spoiling it for anyone!

I found the book to be fairly light hearted to read and different to other Tudor era books I have previously read with it’s humour. It did get a little confusing on some chapters whose viewpoint I was reading about but I figured it out based on the content. I also noted spaces in names such as Dr. Bu tts rather than Butts but this could be the format I read it from.
Overall I enjoyed the book but I am not sure I would read another in the same format without further indication who the chapter was based on.

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