Book review

Queen of Martyrs by Samantha Wilcoxson

Just finished this…….

For anyone with an interest in the Tudor era I’d recommend giving this a read. When I saw the title I was a little confused as it’s the third book in the Plantagenet Embers trilogy and technically Mary wasn’t a Plantagenet, although she had Plantagenet blood via her grandmother Elizabeth of York. Anyway I gave it a go and thoroughly enjoyed it.
The book spans the life of Mary from the death of Catherine Howard to her own death and covers the difficulties she faced on the throne, marriage and her sister Elizabeth. It’s not often I’ve found a book which examines things from Mary’s view so this was a refreshing change.
The author has clearly researched the subject and it was fascinating to read about the phantom pregnancy and her relationship with Philip of Spain and Reginald Pole. I do wish we’d have been given the opportunity to learn about Mary’s younger life and her experiences from when her father divorced her mother.
I will certainly be reading the first two books in this trilogy but this is also perfect as a stand alone book.
I am happy to have come across this author and book and look forward to reading more.

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