Thank you

Today, I’ve received a lovely message from a gentleman named Philip who told me he volunteers for a children’s history club. For their homework, the kids have been doing independent research projects. One group chose historical fiction. Philip wanted to let me know that the group had come across my blog and enjoyed reading some of my reviews and found my ‘links’ page useful.

This kind message has made my day! One of the group is an aspiring author who had found a blog post about writing historical fiction, which she thought my readers may enjoy and asked Philip to let me know. So, I have now added the page to my links page under ‘Hints and tips’. Megan – I hope you achieve your dreams and I hope to read your book in the future!

This post is really a thank you to Philip and the kids for their very kind message. I started this blog just to have a place to share my thoughts on books so I’m over the moon it has been useful!

Thank you also to everyone who has supported me along the way and, of course, the authors and publishers that keep me so busy.


  1. That’s just so lovely to hear! It always feels so much more heart warming when kids love what you do. I recently had an email from this woman saying her 5 year old had found some information I’d hidden in scrolls about Anthony Woodville at Ludlow Castle. It made his day apparently and it’s things like that I don’t think you ever forget.

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