Book Review: The Gentlewoman Spy by Adele Jordan

Genre: Historical fiction
Publisher: Sapere Books
Pub date: 12 August 2022

What happens when the spymaster’s right-hand man turns out to be a woman…?

1584, London

Sir Francis Walsingham, spymaster to the Tudor Queen Elizabeth has trained Kit Scarlett since she was a girl. Aware that she is able to infiltrate places that his male agents cannot, he sees her as an invaluable member of his team.

When Walsingham discovers that a rebel alliance is planning to overthrow Queen Elizabeth and put Mary, Queen of Scots on the English throne, he summons Kit immediately.

Together with loyal Scottish agent Iomhar Blackwood, Kit is tasked with finding out the full details of the treasonous plot.

Both used to working alone, Kit and Iomhar struggle to get along, but they must come together if they are to have any chance of stopping the deadly conspiracy against the queen.

Can Kit secure her place in a man’s world? Will she save Queen Elizabeth?

Or will her daring ultimately be her downfall…?

THE GENTLEWOMAN SPY is the first book in the Kit Scarlett Tudor Mysteries Series. It is a thrilling historical espionage adventure set in Elizabethan London with a feisty female lead.

Sir Francis Walsingham is a man who intrigues me so when I read the blurb of The Gentlewoman Spy I couldn’t resist reading it.

The story begins with Kit undertaking her first solo mission in Scotland and returning to London where she meets another of Walsingham’s agents. Much to her surprise she recognises him.

Walsingham quickly teams them up, to the disappointment of both agents, and so the humour begins.
The pair are funny as a duo with regular banter and quips making me laugh throughout.

Kit often finds herself in danger and on occasion I could empathise with Iomhar’s frustration as Kit’s actions cause repercussions.
This was a refreshing take on the espionage of the Tudor world. Kit and Iomhar are both strong characters and I thoroughly enjoyed how their relationship grew throughout the book as they continue to work together. Kit is definitely not what you would expect from an Elizabethan woman making this a really fun read, even with the plots and dangerous events.

The Gentlewoman Spy is certainly action packed and is fast paced throughout making you want to continue reading.

I liked Jordans portrayal of Elizabeth too, I already admire Elizabeth but it made her very endearing.

I’m really looking forward to reading more of the series and hope to see Kit and Iomhar working together once more.

If you’d like to know more about Adele Jordan you can find her on Twitter or her Website

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