Book Review: The Jingler’s Luck (Thomas the Falconer Mystery Series, Book 6) by John Pilkington

Genre: Historical fiction
Publisher: Sharpe Books
Pub date: 8 January 2020
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Thomas the Falconer unravels a plot that strikes at the very heart of Tudor England.

In the depths of winter the body of a young woman, cruelly mutilated, is found washed up beside the Thames.

Meanwhile Thomas arrives in London on a sensitive mission: to persuade his master Sir Robert to give up his foolish infatuation with a notorious woman of the Court.

But the Lady Imogen’s intrigues are more serious than even Thomas realizes, until he’s caught up in a bizarre series of events including the theft of a corpse, and even his own imprisonment.

Thomas’s old friend, the streetwise jingler (horse-dealer) Ben Mallam, returns to aid him after a run of bad luck.

Together they risk everything to foil a deadly scheme that threatens the succession to the throne – leading to the biggest gamble of Thomas’s life.

As the sixth in the series I thought I may have gotten bored by now but that is far from true! The Jingler’s Luck is brilliant!

Thomas is sent to London to deliver a message to his master Sir Robert, but also to assess the attention he appears to be lavishing on Lady Imogen. On his arrival Thomas is distraught to see such a change in his master and once a murder is discovered, Thomas can’t help but stay in London even if it means he loses everything including his position and possibly his life.

Throughout this book the society of London is laid bare, the differences between the nobility and the common folk portrayed in a way you can almost see yourself walking through the London streets and skating across the frozen Thames.

As always Pilkington has created some fabulous characters, Lady Imogen is awful! Such a manipulative, cunning lady who appears to have bewitched Sir Robert. Ben Mallam (jingler) is a very likeable and funny character who first appeared in A Ruinous Wind and has become a friend to Thomas provides lighthearted amusement throughout. Ben hopes to break his streak of bad luck by helping Thomas and together they face numerous dangers and their lives are at risk on more than once occasion.

This is another great storyline by Pilkington, full of surprises and twists.

I couldn’t help but think this book would have an unhappy ending, whether I was correct or not I will not say as I wouldn’t wish to spoil it for anyone.

As with the others in the series this can be read as a stand alone but my recommendation is to read them all.

The Jingler’s Luck is available here

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

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