Book Review: The Ramage Hawk (Thomas the Falconer Mystery Series, Book 3) by John Pilkington

Genre: Historical fiction
Publisher: Sharpe Books
Pub date: 27 November 2019
Rating: 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

Thomas the Falconer confronts the most terrible foe he has ever faced.

On remote Salisbury Plain villagers toil to get the harvest in, unaware that a murderer has come amongst them.

Thomas Finbow, falconer to Sir Robert Vicary, is sent to the Plain by his master to assist the impoverished Sir Giles Buckeridge, who struggles with debts and the failure to provide dowries for his three spirited daughters.

Thomas is here to train a ramage hawk – an immature, half-wild bird – and to teach the arts of falconry to Sir Giles’s young ward, Gervase.

But no sooner has he arrived than Sir Giles’s eldest daughter Jane vanishes.

She is betrothed against her wishes to a wealthy older man, Stephen Ridley – has she simply run away?

Thomas is called in to help find the missing girl. But the search soon turns into a dangerous game, involving hidden gold – and as the body count rises and fear grips the land, Thomas has no choice but to follow the trail to its bitter end.

The third in the series sees Thomas sent to assist Sir Giles in Salisbury Plain. Not long after his arrival Thomas is once again thrown into uncovering a mystery, Jane, eldest daughter of Sir Giles is missing. But that’s not all, two strangers are roaming the area and it appears they have less than good intentions.

This has to be my favourite in the series so far! Absolutely loved the storyline! There’s murder, theft, blackmail, you name it this book has it as poor Thomas’s life is put in danger in his effort to solve not just the disappearance of Jane but the motives of the two strangers.

The characters are amazing, I loved almost all especially Steer and without giving anything away his little victory, Judd and his incredible loyalty and Birch, who made me laugh throughout. I also especially enjoyed the villains in this book, Miles and Pepper are depicted as very unlikeable, calculating and violent men.

At once he understood, and gave an animal snarl, whipping his head round, daring anyone to speak. None dared: they merely gazed at the terrible, scarred patches of tissue on either side of his head, where his ears should have been.

Pilkington has successfully pulled together a complex plot that’s fast paced and engaging but easy to follow. This book had me laughing and brought tears to my eyes, it’s a truly fantastic read.

I like that these books refer to people or events from the previous books but can also be read as stand alone books. My recommendation would be to read them all though as I have loved them so far!

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The Ramage Hawk is available here on its own or you can get the whole series

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