Thank you

I just want to thank everyone who has read and shared my posts.

I started this blog as a way of dealing with endometriosis. I’ve always loved books and as endo can be quite isolating (long painful sleepless nights, cancelled plans etc) I found my haven in books.

Admittedly when I started I didn’t know what to write about and found my posts a jumble of posts about endo, skincare (my second love) and books. But as I wrote more posts I found writing about the books I’d read to be the most helpful to me in providing a focus so that’s what I’ve stuck with.

I never thought that people would actually read or care about my thoughts it was just a way to help me focus through pain.

On 30 December 2019, one of my favourite historical fiction authors Tony Riches shared one of my reviews of his book Katherine: Tudor Duchess I couldn’t believe my review had actually been read by the author!

Following that I joined Twitter and have since been sharing my posts there too. The reading/writing community on Twitter has been incredible. I’ve had some lovely people reach out with recommendations and thank you’s. So this is where I’d like to thank each and every one of you that have read, liked, shared my posts and those to have contacted me to read their books thank you!

I can’t thank Tony enough as it was spotting that share of my review that gave my the confidence to join Twitter and see more people view my reviews as each month passes.

This month I also had guest posts for the first time from incredible authors Hana Cole and G.K. Holloway and can happily say I have more guest posts planned so thank you very much to those authors!

My blog is a work in a progress and I do sometimes change the format of a review but am always open to advice if I’m doing something that puts readers off or any improvements I could make.

As we come to the end of another month I just wished to thank all those who have helped me along the way, it is much appreciated and I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you all.

For those who would like to catch up Twitter my handle is AmyMc_Books


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