Book Review: La Petite Boulain (Above all Others; The Lady Anne Book 1) by G Lawrence

Genre: Historical fiction

Publisher: G. Lawrence

Pub date: 12 March 2016

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Description from Amazon:
May 1536, London… a fallen queen sits waiting in the Tower of London, condemned to death by her husband. As Death looms before her, Anne Boleyn, second queen of Henry VIII looks back on her life…from the very beginning.
Daughter of a courtier, servant to queens… she rose higher than any thought possible, and fell lower than any could imagine.

Following the path of the young Mistress Boleyn, or La Petite Boulain, through the events of the first years of the reign of Henry VIII, to the glittering courts of Burgundy and France, Book One of “Above All Others; The Lady Anne” tracks the life of the young Lady Anne, showing how she became the scintillating woman who eventually, would capture the heart of a king.

This book, the first in the series covers the years from 1505 when Anne is a child spending her carefree days at Hever castle to 1521 when she returns to England from the court of France.

I haven’t read much about Anne Boleyn as a child so this intrigued me from the start and I was certainly not disappointed.

Anne’s journey to Mechelen then the court of France was fascinating. I loved the details of the courts and those she met along the way.

It was interesting to read about her relationship with her family and how she came to be interested in Henry VIII.

For me the best part is her time in France, the Field of the Cloth of Gold and the vivid depiction provided by Lawrence. I find it incredible that through the narrative I can picture the false castle built by the English and the dresses wore by the ladies of the court.

This is an absolutely fabulous account of historical fiction woven with history that results in a beautiful, captivating book and I cannot wait for the next in the series. Lawrence is swiftly becoming a favourite author.

La Petite Boulain is currently available on Kindle unlimited:

Amazon UK

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