Reading wrap up

January is finally over, it’s been a long month but I’ve read some fantastic books!

I’ve read and reviewed 10 this month, and I’ve just finished another so will soon be writing my thoughts on that one too!

I wanted to read more non-fiction this year so I started with Sir Francis Bryan by Sarah-Beth Watkins and I loved it!

So, here’s what I read and how I rated them:

Sir Francis Bryan by Sarah-Beth Watkins


Owen – Book One of the Tudor Trilogy by Tony Riches


Jasper- Book Two in the Tudor Trilogy by Tony Riches


Henry- Book Three in the Tudor Trilogy by Tony Riches


The Great Matter Monologues by Thomas Crockett


Miss Austen by Gill Hornby


The Lady of the Rivers by Alison Weir


The 7th Wife of Henry the 8th by Betty Younis


The Lost Queen by Anne Stott


The Secret Diary of Eleanor Cobham by Tony Riches


I managed three non-fiction which I’m pleased with. Think it’s safe to say I love history!

This month I also started a Twitter account to follow authors whose work I really enjoy. I was fortunate enough that one of the authors I’d read this month reached out and asked if I’d like to read more of their work which I am honoured! I started this blog as a way to help me deal with endometriosis and as I read a lot I found writing my thoughts about books was a distraction from the pain. I never in a million years thought I’d be asked to read books by an author, especially one whose work I admire greatly! So all in all this has been a long but fantastic month!

For those who read my reviews I’m wondering if you think there’s anything missing from them? Would you like to see anything else included or something I do include that you’d rather I didn’t?

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