Book Review: The 7th Wife of Henry the 8th, Royal Sagas: Tudor 1 by Betty Younis

Genre: Historical fiction

Pub date: 19 January 2016

Rating: 🌟🌟

Description (from Amazon)

This is the story of Elizabeth de Grey of Coudenoure, the secret love, the one and only truly great love of England’s famed King Henry the VIII. Pre-contracted in the blush of youth and young love before the death of Henry the VII’s first son, Henry and Elizabeth are then kept apart through the malice of his grandmother, Lady Margaret Beaufort once Henry becomes heir apparent to the throne. But theirs is a love so deep that all of history’s tides cannot quench the sacred flame of love that burns between Henry and Elizabeth, the seventh wife.

The first thing I will say about this book is please note it is fiction! The timings are way off, for instance Henry and Elizabeth are betrothed before Prince Arthur dies, making Henry only 10 years old.

If you are content to accept that it’s very factually incorrect then it is an ok read.

The authors writing style is easy to follow and she does develop the characters very well. I liked the characters of Elizabeth and her father Thomas but didn’t like how Margaret Beaufort was portrayed. I did like the little family created from Elizabeth sailing to Rome and enjoyed their part in the storyline.

American spellings are used throughout which I find a shame when reading about English history, especially when used in speech by characters. Also I’m not sure if this just me but I really don’t like that the title uses Henry the 8th rather than Henry VIII, is this just me?

I felt like the ending was hurried, there was a lot of time spent in Malaga and Rome then quite suddenly Henry is divorcing Katherine, marrying Anne then the book abruptly ends.

Overall, if you can forget the Tudors really did exist then this is ok. I myself prefer historical fiction that’s mainly based on fact and this was too far fetched for me and sadly I don’t think I will read the rest in the series.

It is available on Kindle unlimited:


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