Book Review: Jasper, Book Two of the Tudor Trilogy by Tony Riches

Genre: Historical fiction

Publisher: Preseli Press

Pub date: 25 March 2016

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Book two of the Tudor trilogy picks up at the Battle at Mortimer’s Cross which Jasper Tudor survives, not knowing the fate of his father who was executed.

On his escape from Mortimer’s Cross Jasper meets an Irishman, Gabriel and assists him to a priory to receive medical treatment. It’s the beginning of a great friendship!

After travelling to Ireland with Gabriel to recruit mercenaries Jasper learns his home Pembroke castle has been taken by William Herbert. He travels to Scotland to meet with the the King and Queen before sailing to Flanders to gain assistance from King Louis of France.

Through a change in loyalty the Earl of Warwick or the Kingmaker as he’s better known decides to support the Lancastrian cause.

Success is finally captured for the Lancastrians and Henry VI is restored to the throne. For Jasper this means the return of his titles and land which was taken away by Edward of York.

It may seem they can all now rest but for how long?

The wheel of fortune turns again forcing Jasper and his nephew, young Henry Tudor to escape from Wales and finding themselves in Brittany where they remain in exile as the guests of Duke Francis for many years.

Fate finally sees Jasper and Henry return to Wales and march to meet the army of the now King Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth.

I loved that this picked up where the first book ended so the story continues seamlessly. Although the Tudor era had a lot of excitement and drama Tony Riches has incorporated fictional characters to emphasise relationships. Of these characters Gabriel is my favourite, I love his character and his loyalty to Jasper.

Henry and Jasper remained in exile for years but I didn’t find this part of the book lacked any excitement, in fact it was interesting to read about their experience living under the constant threat they could one day be betrayed and returned to England.

The emotions of Jasper are captured perfectly especially at the Battle of Bosworth. Even knowing the outcome I still found myself holding my breath when reading that Jasper, Henry, David and Gabriel would survive!

I’d highly recommend this to anyone with an interest in the Tudor dynasty as Jasper’s story is incredible and makes you wonder how different things could have been if he wasn’t so determined to protect his nephew.

And now I’m off to read the third and final instalment: Henry

Jasper is available here and currently available on Kindle unlimited:


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