Book Review: A Necessary Killing by Paul Walker

Genre: Historical fiction

Publisher: Books Go Social

Pub date: 4 November 2019

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

The second in the William Constable Spy Thriller series, this continues with Constable working with those about to embark on a great venture to the New Lands.

The first in the series saw Constable create a device to assist in the ships navigation and we pick up with all the ships assembled at Plymouth.

Unfortunately, a young man from a renowned family is found murdered and Captain Charles Wicken is accused of murder. Grateful for his assistance when he was previously attacked, Constable finds himself obliged to assist in clearing his friends name.

During his own investigation he uncovers a possible threat to the state which could halt the great venture and instead see the ships turned to defend the kingdom.

Constable reaches out to Walsingham to alert him and an undercover investigation commences. In an effort to protect the state and the great venture he is sent to St Malo where he ends up having to evade his enemies to return to Plymouth and his betrothed.

Can he uncover the truth about the plot and his friends involvement in the murder of a young man?

The author has continued this story with some of my favourite characters. I was a bit disappointed Foxe wasn’t in this one as I liked his character in the first book but I liked that the books are connected through the great venture and his relationships with some of the characters.

Helen has grown on me in this book and I have enjoyed how her character has developed. This is another great and easy to read book and I’m pleased to see there is a further instalment planned.

You can get your copy here:


It’s currently available on Kindle unlimited

Thank you to NetGalley and Books Go Social for the opportunity to read this in exchange for my review.

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