Sudeley Castle

I’ve wanted to go here for so long and finally made it yesterday! This is the first view you see of the castle after you roam a small woodland path through the ruins of the tithe barn. Oh my, what a view, I was totally overwhelmed the picture doesn’t do it justice, it’s an absolutely beautiful place!

Sudeley remains the only private castle in England which has a Queen buried on its grounds.

The castle is currently owned by Lady Elizabeth Ashcombe and her family but it is open to the public.

Historically the castle has been visited by Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, Queen Elizabeth, Lady Jane Grey, and was home to Thomas Seymour and Katherine Parr.

It is Katherine Parr who is buried within the chapel on the grounds.

The chapel is quiet and peaceful with beautiful stained glass windows.

The exhibitions are fantastic, I especially enjoyed the Dungeon Tower where you can find everything from a book written by Katherine Parr, a lock of her hair to the christening robe believed to have been worn by Queen Elizabeth.

You can also explore the ruins including the presence chamber of Queen Elizabeth, I found this to be quite moving to stand in that spot.

The staff were extremely knowledgeable and happy to discuss items including a tudor bed which is in a guest room. I was so shocked people sleep in it! I’d want to cover it in bubble wrap to protect it but I’m also glad the family allow members of the public to visit and see these magnificent items in their home.

I also enjoyed the gift shop and treated myself to another couple of Tudor books!

For more info on Sudeley:

Sudeley castle

It really is the most wonderful place!

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