Book Review: The Kings Greatest Enemy series by Anna Belfrage

Genre: Historical fiction


As I read and reviewed the first in this series The Kings Greatest Enemy, I was drawn to the rest of the series.

The second book in the series, Days of Sun and Glory follows the aftermath of Mortimer’s rebellion.Adam has survived and Roger Mortimer manages to escape the Tower of London and travel to France.To King Edward II and Hugh Despenser anyone loyal to Mortimer is a traitor. For Adam this means being very careful in order to protect himself and his family. Queen Isabella also finds herself deprived of her dowry lands and her French staff. She becomes an ally to Adam who finds himself sworn to her son Prince Edward to protect himself from Despenser.

Isabella is sent to France to head a treaty and finds herself united with Mortimer. England faces war upon their return and Isabella and Mortimer gain some unlikely allies.

This again was a great storyline but I found myself skipping pages of Adam and Kit where their sexual relations became boring and repetitive. At first it was romantic but by the end of this book it was just boring. I get it they love each other but it seemed every time they were together the chapter ultimately ended up with a description of sex. I also found Kits character had become annoying, she is now selfish and arrogant and puts herself in harms way on purpose to get attention. I continued with the series because I still enjoy the main storyline and love Adam and Thomas but wish there wasn’t so much about Adam’s and Kits sexual relationship.

The third book in the series, Under the Approaching Dark focuses on life after Despenser who is finally killed as a traitor.
Adam believes all the strife is over but for how long?It’s 1327 and England now needs stability. Edward II after being held captive abdicates in favour of his son Edward III but he is too young and so Queen Isabella and Lord Mortimer rule in his name.Some of the Barons aren’t impressed with this especially the royal earls.

Rumours of King Edward II death spread and Mortimer finds himself under suspicion. Adam finds himself torn between the loyalty he owes to the man who made him and his new king. Adam and Kit once again face danger from enemies and an unlikely saviour helps Adam when he least expects it. This was definitely better than the second, loved the on going storyline and I just can’t help but adore Adam and Thomas. William is also fast becoming a favourite. Kit became more likeable again in this book and I found the romance side had also lessened slightly giving more focus to the actual storyline.

The last instalment (for now I hope), The Cold Light of Dawn sees the aftermath of Lancaster’s rebellion.

Edward III is growing up and becoming tired of being a puppet to Queen Isabella and Lord Mortimer. An injured Adam begins to feel left out of the King’s confidence and realises the time is coming when Edward and Mortimer will clash. This was the best in the series for me. I haven’t read a book that actually made me cry in a long time until this one. I even liked Kit again in this book. I won’t give away too much but wow such heartbreak! I think if a book can make you feel like that and I mean I cried! Proper tears and everything then the author has done a fantastic job!

There is a note in the end from the author that this may not be the last and I really hope it’s not!!!!!

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