Book Review: The Wolf And The Watchman byNiklas Natt och Dag

Genre: Historical fiction, mystery

Publisher: John Murray Press

Publication date: 07 February 2019

It’s 1793 and watchman Mickel Cardell discovers a body in the river. It’s limbs, tongue and eyes have been removed. Attorney Cecil Winge is tasked with finding the identity not only of the victim but also the perpetrator despite suffering with consumption himself. Winge and Cardell team up to solve the grisly murder which leads them to discover the lives and journeys of other characters.

Letters are discovered written by Kristofer Blix but who was he? Did he commit the crime? Kristofer leads a life of ups and down until one awful night leads to a series of events he cannot escape from.

Anna Stina is another individual mixed up in these events but not without her own heartbreak.

How are all these characters interlinked?

Can they discover who the victim is before Winges authority to investigate is revoked? Will Winge solve the crime before he himself passes away?

This is a fascinating but grisly thriller and a great case of who dunnit. For those who enjoy a great murder mystery this is one for you. Be warned tho it can be a bit gruesome in details but I found it fascinating.

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

This copy was provided by NetGalley but my opinion is my own

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