Endo update

This week has been so long, my endometriosis is flaring pretty bad. I’ve managed to go to work all week but it’s caught up with me.

Hate to be negative but I’m so tired. Tired of being in pain, tired of pretending I’m ok.

I had a hospital appointment letter for the 28th May, I was so happy! Unfortunately I received a cancellation letter a couple of weeks ago. This week I’ve received a new appointment letter for 22nd July. Although I’m happy I’m disappointed it’s another two months away.

The pain this morning is unreal, it feels like my uterus is being grated. So on my only day off im spending it on the couch in my pjs with painkillers my BeYou patch, kindle and hot water bottle.

It’s a nice day outside and it upsets me that I’m stuck indoors but I need to listen to my body. I knew this flare was coming, I could feel it in the week and now I think my body has waited for the day I don’t need to go work to let all the pain go free which I’m grateful I’m not at work!

I think people underestimate the impact this condition has on our lives. I miss out on so much. I cancel plans with friends or I go straight home from work because I’m so tired although I am so grateful I am able to still work. I’m also grateful I have a couple of amazing friends who continue to invite me to things even tho I likey won’t go and support me when I need it.

Anyways I’m going to get on with my book and I hope you all have a lovely weekend 💛💛💛


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